Stentorian (Bengali: স্টেনটোরিয়ান) is a Heavy Metal band from Bangladesh formed in the early 2001.[1][2][3][4] Stentorian released one commercially successful album Protimuhurtey in 2005 and several commercially successful singles. Their most notable songs include Adrissho Juddho, Bishonno Adhaar, Bidrohi, Jolosrot, Anubhuti, Mone pore na and most recently Chhobi.[3][4] Stentorian is regarded as one of the pioneers of underground heavy metal music movement which re-energized heavy metal in Bangladesh in this current decade.[5] Perhaps Stentorian is most notable for being led by two of the greatest Bangladeshi rock vocalists of all time, Torsha Khan and Tanim Sufyani[3][4] and for their commercially successful single Bishonno Adhaar where they featured Sumon from Aurthohin.[4]

Stentorian is typically classified as heavy metal, but it ranges from soft rock, power ballad to thrash metal and most recently progressive metal. Stentorian’s approach has remained the same over the band’s career, preferring to play what they enjoy and do best; their appreciation of early rock and heavy metal is reflected in some of their occasional cover songs.[4] Stentorian’s heavy metal lyrics typically cover such topics as war, good versus evil, abuse of power, psychological depression, social disorder and politics. Stentorian’s popular soft music lyric contains love, affection and emotional appeal.Image


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